VSM Resources

Mark Lambertz’s Video Introductions

Mark Lambertz has produced some very instructive videos introducing the Viable System Model.

Here they are, courtesy of the author.

VSM Introduction 1: The Why

A general introduction to some typical approaches to visualize the structure of an organization.

This video lays the foundation to understand how different the Viable System Model is and what makes it so special.

VSM Introduction 2: How and What

This video explores the Viable System Model in detail. It explains not only the different systems of the VSM but explains, in the beginning, the concept of recursion levels within an organization.

Martin Pfiffner’s Overview (in German)

Krishan Mathis’s Working Material

The Viable System Model for Lean Practioners

Introduction to the Viable System Model with a mapping to a Lean production scenario. White Paper.

The Viability Canvas