VSM Training

As the “state of the art” in organizational diagnosis, the VSM focuses on the nervous system of the organization, the decision-making and communication processes, and thus goes beyond the “normal” views of organizational charts and processes.

This third dimension of organizing offers groundbreaking new insights for a diagnosis and design of the enterprise. Properly designed, it turns dealing with complexity into a company’s strength.

Our training offer on the Viable System Model.

We are building a training program on VSM and have been able to attract two of the most renowned practitioners, Dr. Martin Pfiffner and Mark Lambertz. The first course is a three-day introduction to working with VSM.After these three days, you can begin to identify deficiencies and opportunities for improvement in existing organizations.

Be among the first to benefit from VSM.

Krishan Mathis

From agility to viability: improving the company’s management capability is the top management issue for the coming years. The agile frameworks represent a major step in this direction. At the same time, it is sobering to realize that the company as a whole has not become more agile. The VSM closes this gap and expands the concept of agility to include viability.

Martin Pfiffner

Martin Pfiffner

I have been a digital native from the very beginning, since I learned to program with my first Apple computer at the age of 12. In 1995, I founded one of the first digital agencies in Germany and left voluntarily after 20 years. Today, I advise and coach managers, teams and companies on their way to a sustainable organization.

One of my areas of expertise is the Viable System Model, on which I have published three books and which helps me to harmonize the operational and strategic development of organizations – beyond current fashions. My motto is: “Freedom and responsibility for intelligent organizations”.

Mark Lambertz

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